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Amended by the Board of Trustees May 22, 2021

Article II


2.1 AUTHORITY, RESPONSIBILITY AND NUMBER. AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY. The Board of Trustees shall have the authority to carry out all lawful functions that are permitted by these Bylaws or by the Restated Articles of Organization. This authority shall include but shall not be limited to the following: (a) periodically review and approve the University’s mission and purposes; (b) appoint the President who shall be the University’s chief executive officer, and set appropriate conditions of employment, including compensation; (c) establish the conditions of employment of other key institutional officers; (d) support the President and assess his or her performance; (e) review and approve proposed major changes in the University’s academic programs and other major enterprises consistent with the University’s mission, plans and financial resources; (f) approve institutional policies bearing on faculty appointment, promotion, tenure and dismissal; (g) approve the annual budget and annual tuition/fees; (h) regularly monitor the University’s financial condition, and establish policy guidelines affecting all institutional assets including investments and the physical plant; (i) contribute financially to the University’s fundraising goals and participate actively in strategies to secure sources of support; (j) approve all earned and honorary degrees; (k) periodically undertake or authorize assessments of the Board’s performance. The Board of Trustees may delegate any of its authority or responsibility to any committee established by Article V, subject to the provisions of these Bylaws.

2.1.2 NUMBER. The Board of Trustees shall consist of no fewer than twenty-eight nor more than forty-one members.