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Tufts University Flag Protocol (PDF) 

Tufts University uses the following guidelines when displaying flags at university ceremonies and events.

Inclusion Guidelines

In addition to the flags of the United States, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Tufts University, if the practice for a particular event is to fly the flags of international participants the university will display the flags from among the United Nations (UN) member states[1] and the flags of the nations of non-member states holding observer status[2]. Criteria for “member states” and “observer states” are defined by the United Nations Charter. The university may also choose to display flags from students’ places of origin provided that there is general recognition that the place is a viable political and economic entity.[3]

Displaying the Flag

When displaying the flag of the United States the university will adhere to the United States flag code detailed in Title 4, Chapter 1 of the United States Code. The code outlines proper display, handling, and respect for the flag.[4]

Revised May 16, 2024

[1] List of United Nations Member States:

[2] List of United Nations Non-Member Observer States:

[3] Adapted from the Fletcher Cabot Intercultural Center Flag Policy.

[4] See Cornell’s Legal Information Institute for the text of U.S.C. Title 4, Chapter 1

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