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Amended by the Board of Trustees May 22, 2021

Article II


2.2 CLASSES. The members of the Board shall be classified as follows:

2.2.1 CHARTER TRUSTEES. Up to thirty (30) in number, to be elected by the Board to serve for terms of five years that expire at the annual meeting of the Board. At any election of Trustees, there may be elected up to the maximum number of Charter Trustees permitted under the foregoing provision.

2.2.2 ALUMNI TRUSTEES. Up to ten (10) in number, to be elected by and from the alumni, to serve for terms of five years, such service to begin with the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees following the election. The term “alumni” as used in this Article II shall be deemed to include (a) each person who has received a degree from the University or from the Eliot-Pearson School or the Boston School of Occupational Therapy prior to the affiliation of said schools with the University and (b) each non degree-holding former student of the University who has pursued an approved course of study in the University for at least one academic year, provided that the prescribed period for completion of said course of study shall have passed.

2.2.3 TRUSTEE EX OFFICIO. The President of the University during such President’s term of office shall serve ex officio with full voting rights.