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Amended by the Board of Trustees May 22, 2021

Article II



2.5.1 Any Charter or Alumni Trustee may be elected by the Board as a Trustee Emeritus, subject to the following conditions: (a) not more than six years have elapsed since the expiration of his/her term or resignation; (b) he/she served as a Trustee for at least five years; and (c) he/she is nominated by the Executive Committee.

2.5.2 Each year the Executive Committee will consider those persons who meet the requirements of 2.5.1 (a) and (b). The Executive Committee will nominate those who, in its opinion, provided leadership and service to the University above and beyond that normally expected of a Trustee.

2.5.3 Trustees Emeriti shall be entitled to receive notice of each meeting of the Board and may attend and participate with the Trustees in the meetings of the Board and at public academic occasions, but shall not be members of the Board. They shall not be counted in determining the number of Trustees required to constitute a quorum or in determining the presence of a quorum and they shall not have the privilege of voting at Board meetings. They may serve, if duly elected, on sub-committees of the Board as voting members where status as a Trustee is not required by these Bylaws.