The Hosea Ballou Medal


The Hosea Ballou Medal was established by the Board of Trustees in 1939.  It may be awarded by the Board to “recognize members of the Tufts community who have rendered exceptional service for the institution.”  The medal has been awarded 15 times since the Trustees established it in 1939.


1939 Frank Durkee, A54
1940 Alfred Church Lane, H13
1941 Vannevar Bush, E13, AG13, H32
1944 Arthur Lamb, A1900, AG1900, AG1904, H1920
1947 Raymond Bliss, A1909, M1910, H43
1948 Samuel Capen, A1898, H21
1949 Charles Neal Barney
1950 Harold E. Sweet, A1898, H55, E32P
1959 Herbert C. Hoover
1973 Robert W. Meserve, A31, H79, A62P, A66P, A72P
1978 Allan MacLeod Cormack, H80
1992 Jean Mayer, H93
2006 Bruce Reitman, A72, AG83
2009 Linda J. Dixon, J63, F99
2012 Adele Fleet Bacow





September 2012